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Nothing Out of the Ordinary

So I bought these tiny hands from a game I bought off Amazon, mainly they were for my husband's 32nd birthday. But with the times, why not make the onscreen work calls a little more entertaining. We are all tired of seeing our co-workers in their pajamas, so it's time to bring some humor to this whole COVID-19 mess.

Here is my attempt at humor and honestly just having some fun. I really enjoy that it made my coworkers laugh as my boss didn't quite yet catch on that I was messing around and talking with my hands ... my tiny hands. It was also a great laugh when I was on a video chat earlier today with my parents! My mom simply chose to ignore my antics like a true mother, but my dad was laughing too much and it was great. Like I felt incredibly pleased with the immediate laughter!

So ... then of course I recorded myself on this old laptop and figured why not give it a shot. Of course the lighting is bad and this laptops camera is ancient. It was a lot of fun, and I am surprised at how serious I am while filming. Like that never happens on camera for work

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