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Chewbacca *Chewie

Chewie came into our lives just a few months after our wedding and it was love at first sight. The moment I saw his picture on Justin Bartlett's website I knew he was going to be mine and immediately turned in an application.

Can you believe that Chewie was returned to the rescue because the couple who initially had adopted him were allergic?

We were incredibly nervous to bring him home with us, this was a huge test for our marriage, but I really wanted a puppy. Jorge paid the $200 adoption fee, he haggled them into a 'teen deal' as Chewie was over six months and puppies cost more. Chewbacca sat on my lap on the car ride to the vet to give him all his shots and for a check-up. He gave us kisses galore the whole car ride all while wearing a giant collar wrapped around his neck (he now wears an old cat's collar as that fits much better).

Once we brought him home we learned we had a real terrier on our hands, he is a chihuahua and cairn terrier mix, also known as a toxirn. This dog loves pizza and has an insane knack for finding crusts all over our old apartment complex. He hated spending any time in his crate, so much so that the first thing he did when let loose was walk around to the back of the crate, lift his leg and pee into it. I also remember the first time he stayed still and slept on my lap for the rest of the day, and I still cherish those dog lap naps. He used to never bark at the door when someone rang the doorbell or knocked. That of course changed the day we moved into my parent's place and he met Pixie.

Since living in Port St. Lucie, Chewie has really become what we call a grandpa dog. He loves to bark at the kids by the front window and he is quick to tell the squirrels to stay out of our back yard. Other noticeable quirks include incessant night-time humping, constant licking, defiant barking, and the way he has to wake me up is just downright cute. Chewie loves going on walks every night, he will pace by the front door and just stare at us just mere minutes after dinner to go on his walk.

In May of 2019, Chewie gained a brother, Jack. And although jealousy rears her ugly head. Chewie enjoys Jack's company and is quick to let him know to knock it off.

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