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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Jack has now been with our family for a full year now and although he still finds the need to pee on the furniture, we still love him. He definitely has his own personality, his energy is lighter than Chewie's, though he certainly weighs more now!

When we first got Jack he was a real skittish fellow. Walking on a leash was impossible. Hiding under the couch was his main thing, as well as growling at Jorge. He still does a lot of those same things, but he has gotten better. He even lets Jorge pet him now and will give him kisses on occasion just not at bedtime. Jack can be very protective of me.

We call him a salamander, wormy, or squiggle butt, he is a real goober by all standards. His personality is so silly, he gets incredibly jealous of Chewie and wants all of the attention, especially when it comes to treats. Teaching Jack to sit took so much time, but he does it now, even if he still wiggles a bit. He is really close to learning how to high-five. Cuddle time is his absolute favorite, along with being my 24/7 shadow.

He walks on a leash pretty well now. Of course, he has to wear his harness which he nuzzles right up into, without a problem. He walks with his tail wagging high up in the air, no longer tucked beneath his butt. We're really proud of that fact.

I wonder if Grandma brought him to our lives cause his smile, sometimes, so wide, and so enthusiastic reminds me so much of how I last saw my grandma when she spotted me and Stephanie coming to visit her at the hospital. Just incredibly bright, wide and filled with so much love.

Jack has several little oddities about him, like how he doesn't use his back legs in the morning to say hi to us. He just squirms his way over. He doesn't like it when Jorge dances. He has to suck on a blanket to go to bed, he doesn't chew them. Just sucks on them like a pacifier. I've learned that comes from being taken from his mother so young.

I'm not sure what more to say, but I think he likes his life here with us!

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